Calling all bloggers.. far and wide… 

Well hello Bloggers,

I’ve read a lot of your articles and sites and have had a lot of discussions with some of you and liked a lot of posts, I was wondering if anyone blogging can maybe help my brand new business, I’ll give you the lowdown.. 

So we’ve signed up to Google Adwords and BingAds – great 👍 also got some traffic coming onto the site (mainly people from abroad if I’m honest) I suppose any traffic is better than none at all right ? 

We’ve changed the site slightly based on our own market research and think now we have a good website to be proud of. A lot of time and effort has gone into doing this and we would really like to get a customer base going 😊

Could you help us..? 

I’m asking if anyone out there in the Bloggers world could maybe take a look 👀 at our site and write a review or even a blog? We would be entirely greatful.

How rude of me about us:

Click to see our creation
Where a new online CV and Letter writing company who offers our clients a sameday turnaround, 24/7 simply put.

We hope to hear off you Blogger fanatics soon, we would appreciate any feedback both good and bad..

Thanks all 

Over and out.. 


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